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We specialize in the sales, installation, and repair of flag poles in Fort Lauderdale, FL at The Flag Man. With years of industry experience to our credit, we work with only the top industry manufacturers and providers, ensuring you, the client, get the very best products every time. From flag stands to flag holders, we have everything you need to display your American flag or other flag with great pride, and with great style.

With products like flag poles, spires, banner poles, fire department slide poles, and antenna poles, we have your needs covered when it comes to flag poles and similar items. The poles we deal in come in a variety of metals, including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and even bronze. Whether you need big flag holders for a school or flags for cars, our products and flag accessories are just as perfect for everyday use as they are for special occasions like parades, grand openings, and parties.

More often than not, flag poles become damaged due to either accidents or inclement weather. Anything from an off-course vehicle to a strong gust of wind can easily damage a flag pole—whether the structural integrity or the raising mechanisms.

In order to get your flag poles back in good working order in less time, we come to you and provide you with a complete estimate. That way, you can decide if you want to replace your entire system, or choose a complete repair service package from us at The Flag Guy.

When it comes to the industry’s top solutions in flag poles, and fully customized solutions for those with special requirements, we have the most options available in the local industry at The Flag Man.

For exact specifications that meet your needs, please contact our team today and learn more about sales, repair, and installation for our flag poles in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

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